Welcome to my craftroom and the first post of my new blog here on my wix website! If you were a subscriber to my old blog, you will still receive blog posts by email. I wasn't posting much anymore on Blogger because it was stuck on a very old template and I had to write everything in html which was very difficult for me. Now I can just plop in photos and type... YAY!

Grab a cup of tea and join me for a tour of my bright attic studio.

It's not often I make videos and I admit that I am not a professional but I guess that is why I am a quilt pattern-maker and not a movie maker! Click on the image to view full screen on mobile. I hope you enjoy the quick peek of my craftroom...

I love the light that streams in through my huge craftroom window and I love my wall of fat quarters, but my fat quarters secretly hate the sun. I tried hanging a large curtain over the quilting cotton but I missed my eye candy! It's a good thing that I usually only need small shapes and can cut around the fade lines.

After years of having ribbon burst out of drawers in a tangled mess after re-wrapping them around various objects (clothes pins & large cardboard bobbins) for the bazillionth time, I decided to hang them. Seeing my craft supplies inspire me to create and this method of storage makes it very easy to select the perfect ribbon for my project. I will write a blog post soon describing it in more detail.