Leafcutter Mat

I am pleased to announce that a new pattern booklet is available in my SHOP. The Leafcutter Mat pattern was inspired by the mystery of perfect circles cut out of my rose leaves. Once I discovered that bees were the cause, I was happy with the holes. I am looking forward to their activity in the coming months.

This pattern is a big accomplishment for me. Not only did it take just one month from my first sketch, but also you may have noticed that it has been a couple years since I actually put out a new pattern. Let's hope I have my mojo back. There has been plenty of doodling in my sketchbook, instagramming, working on my new website, and of course life in general.

I had so much fun making this Leafcutter Mat. It reminds me of the little oasis that I have created in my backyard. I have been busy gardening and filling in dead patches of grass with clover, thyme and other perennial ground covers for the bees. I am mesmerized by my busy mason bees, and waiting for the chickadee babies to fledge and leave their nest. I will write a post about my backyard and gardening adventures soon.

I just had a good laugh in the middle of writing this post! I had mentioned on instagram that every time I passed by the Leafcutter mat one night, my brain thought it was a pizza. In my defence, the room was quite dark... and I was hungry! Just now when I added the image below, I noticed that the wix platform had automatically identified it as pizza and added a bunch of food tags. I am NOT crazy after all... pepperoni buttons & basil appliques! YUM!