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This one’s for me! My old mug rugs had thread bare binding and were tea-stained... not in a good way. I love how my new mug rug matches everything in my kitchen especially my pretty mugs.

One side patchy and the other side stripey! I went with a few nature fabrics and of course there had to be natural linen, gingham and plaid! This is my favourite colour scheme at the moment.

You can really see the quilting on the back side. I decided to go with a leaf in bark design to go with the nature theme. It's one of my favourite quilting designs at the moment along with lines of cursive "e". What's your favourite?

A little bit of embroidery gives the back a handmade touch. I love adding embroidery & buttons to my creations. Do you like adding little details too?⁠

I'm working on my Egg Pot-Pincher pattern at the moment and it should be available in time to add some Easter Eggs to your gift baskets! Here's a sneak peek!


Enjoy your afternoon tea & quilted crafts,


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