Egg Pot-Pinchers

Egg Pot-Pinchers is one of those little projects that sat half-finished for 3 years. I was excited with the idea floating in my head but the few prototypes that I sewed were either too small or awkward to use, and frustration led it to be thrown under a pile.

Of course with Easter arriving again soon, my thoughts returned to those little misfit easter eggs cleverly hidden somewhere in my studio... and the hunt was on! Once found, I decided it was finally time to trash all the old eggs and start fresh. The following images are from the early stages. As you can see, this egg was so tiny that I could barely fit my fingers in it. The pattern cover changed drastically too.

It went so well this time that I even decided to add a full-sized potholder to the pattern. I love quilting lines of cursive “e” lately and this little project is perfect for practicing. I kept going back and forth on the idea of a bow and finally decided that it was a cute addition, handy for hanging, and those who thought it too cute could simply omit it.