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Made by You...

Sewing enthusiasts all over the world enjoy creating with PatchworkPottery patterns. I'm happy to inspire you!


"She's sweet, inventive, has a good eye with design and colors and will answer any of your questions.  Been following her a long time."

~ Dawn


"I discovered Patchwork Pottery when I stumbled across the pattern for the Chocolate Bunny, and was instantly hooked! I've made them as gifts, along with fabric chocolate eggs for a bunch of friends."

~ Sydney


"I have been following her from 2012. Her projects have brought me so much joy and happiness when I gave away the final product as gifts. Thank you for being so genuine and allowing me to have fun, warm color on my fabrics and so much adventure on my sewing machine. Thank you."

~ Maru


"She is one of the most creative person in this area. I have followed her more than 6 years. Always admire her work."

~ Stone


"I have been following Patchwork Pottery for over a decade, I believe... can't even remember how long it has been. But it certainly was one of my first influences when I first became interested in working with fabric. Very original and unique work. I can always recognize her work at a glance."

~ Jane

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